| Mentoring in the Middle

What an interesting adventure this week.  I introduced my students to a new genre today, one that they don't usually go for.  Middle school students, and especially 6th graders tend to love fantasy and realistic fiction.  So, today we talked about mysteries.  And they responded in a sort of lukewarm way.  Now, without patting myself on the back too much, I have to say that one of the things I do well is matching kids up with books. But they just weren't all that excited.
   So I took them to the media center.  One of our librarians spent about ten minutes showing them books they could read.   And this transformation was amazing.  The kids kept coming up and showing me which book they'd checked out.  And since then, some of my most reluctant readers have been showing me how far they've gotten, or why they like the book so much.  
   Nothing warms a teacher's heart more than seeing kids excited about learning!

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