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Giving this a try

    So....I took a break from watching football (and commercials) during the Super Bowl game last night, and got on my blog.  And proceeded to make some totally unanticipated changes.  That's a kind way of saying I lost my background, my colors, my font, everything.

   Let's be honest.  I was pretty frustrated.  But I don't tend to wallow for long, so tonight I decided to see if I could change things again.  And this is what I came up with.  I like it.  For right now.  It's a little bright, but I need that in the middle of winter.  So I'm going to let it rest and see how I feel tomorrow.  And the next day.

   The cool thing is that I'm learning my way around this stuff, and I'm feeling a lot more comfortable with what I can do.  Which is a whole lot more than where I was a couple of months ago!

    So, fellow teachers, what do you think?  Stick with it or change it up again?


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