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What's in your cart? Linky

Now that everyone's aware of the GREAT sales going on at TpT and TN, join the linky from Diane at Fifth in the Middle.

What's in my cart?  Oh my! I'm just getting started.

Little Scientists {Creative Clips Digital Clipart}Let's start with Krista Wallden from Creative Clips.  I just love her work and she's so generous with freebies!  These little scientists would go perfectly with what I teach my kiddos.

And what about this set of backgrounds?
Dotty Digital Papers {Creative Clips Digital Clipart}

And then there's Jen Runde. Have you tried her Drama Circles?  My students love them!  I just bought the end-of-the-year set, and then I read on her blog that she's giving it away for free tomorrow!  So I'll just have to use my money for another set.  Maybe this one?Drama Circle - Back To SchoolWhat a fun activity to end the first day of school!
I also want to try some products from the Reading Olympians - they just make so much Greek & Latin Roots-prefix & suffix-Common Core Aligned Vo
sense to me!

There are lots more goodies out there.  The more blogs I follow, the more great ideas I see, the more products I want to buy!

And don't forget (shameless plug) all of my products are on sale for 20% off.  TpT will add 10% if you type in the promotional code TAD13 and TN will also add an additional 10% for a total at each store of 28%.  You can't beat those prices!

Have a great Tuesday!

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