Thank you TpT. What a great gift! And can you help a curious "dinosaur"? | Mentoring in the Middle

Thank you TpT. What a great gift! And can you help a curious "dinosaur"?

I always love getting the Winter Holidays ebook from TpT because it's full of great ideas.  I end up downloading some and using them.  I try to remember some of the great tips, but I'm learning that writing them down can go a long way :)

This particular ebook is good for grades 3-6.  There's at least one for littler kiddos and one for older guys, too.  I had nothing to do with this book, so I'm only encouraging you to take a look because I thought it had great ideas.  Some wouldn't work for my 6th graders, but a lot of them cross grades easily.  And the best part is:  It's FREE.  Nothing wrong with that!

Here are some ideas I downloaded:  
This one looked like fun.  Instead of doing a reading log or journal entry, kids earn marshmallows for reading a certain amount of time --for my kids, it'll be for half an hour-- doing what the marshmallow says.  There's a page of marshmallows with Christmas themes and another one with winter themes, so you can use either one.  As the kids do the activity, say, reading with a scarf on or reading next to the Christmas tree, they cut out the marshmallow and glue it in their mug.  Then, when they come back to school in January, you hold a hot chocolate and marshmallow party.  How cute is that?

Here's a holiday coupon book that you can have kids color and give to family members.  Kids don't always have presents to give their parents or siblings, and this is a nice way for them to gift a gift of their love or their service.                                                                                                                                           And then somebody (I can't remember who!) had the idea to have kids make RACK SACKS - Random Acts of Classroom Kindness.  They would decorate the sacks and put them somewhere in the room.  Then all the other kids write notes, drop treats in, and just do things to support each other.  I think I'm going to try that with my homeroom.  I really like that it can be small, like an eraser or a pencil or even a nice note.  I'll fill the bags with some treats too, and then the kids can take them home on the last day before break.

I also really loved this idea!  This gives every kid a chance to write about what they want to tell you.  Then, they get to pick one to share with the class.  Everyone wins!
How about you?  Have you found something you're planning to use from this year's book?

And now, I have a Techy Question.  Can you help me?  I know there's a way to create a link between these pictures on my blog and TpT, where they came from.  I know how to create a link with words, and I know how to post pictures by url.  But I can't seem to combine them so that you can click on the picture and get to the other blog, website, etc.  Help!  When I went to college we were using chisels and rocks to take notes....


  1. If I understand what you are asking, I think you double click on the picture when you are composing your post. Then click on "link" and enter the address for TpT where the product can be found. Let me know if that works for you. :)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

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    2. Jennifer, this is really weird. I usually work in Google Chrome and when I use that, as soon as I highlight the picture and then click the "link" button, it unhighlights the picture. If I still type in the web address, it just posts it next to the picture.

      So, just for yucks, I decided to try it using Explorer. And it worked just like you said. What's up with that?

      Thank you so much for your suggestion!