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Another snow day (#5)

....and you know what that means.  Goodbye June! :)  But time for some reflection, some amazing snow-watching and snow-shoveling (yes, I still like it, although check in with me later on.  I might only like it in the hypothetical sense!)

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Looking at all of these blog buttons makes me think it might be time to update mine.  When I first created it, from a design that one of my daughters made for me years before, I thought it was so cool.  And now, knowing so much more about creating designs (and appreciating people who make them with ease) I realize it's probably time for a 2014 update.  Hmmmmm..... moving in less than two weeks.  Starting up and running CAFE in my classroom for two snow-filled weeks.  Yeah.  Probably not going to happen anytime soon!

It's already February 3rd, and I know I'm way behind (I know, I know, what a shock!) but I just need to link up with Farley's Currently.  Just because.... I love how she gets us out of our own things and links us all up together!

Most of this is pretty self-explanatory.  I do love winter and how the whole world just seems to quiet down for a while.  And I can sit at the window and watch it come down and feel totally content.  For a while.  Remind me that I said that.  In June.

We are moving in less than two weeks.  And now the scramble begins!  We were over at the house both days of the weekend, working away.  You know how you think things are pretty much ready to go, and then you look at my case, the trim around the doors...and think?!  What?  Yuck!  Yeah.  So more painting to go.

My truths and my fib.  I do love winter and I did grow up in a large family - I have two brothers and two sisters around me, one of each on either side.  I'm smack in the middle.  The fib?  I have lots and lots and lots of places that I'd like to travel to, and I wouldn't refuse a trip to China, but it's way down on my list of places I want to go visit.  I'm not sure why.  It just is.

If you're on the east coast, I hope you're enjoying your day today, and for the rest of you who aren't impacted by snow, I know you'll be laughing at us when June arrives!

Have a great Monday everyone!


  1. I hope your moving goes well. I am from Tennessee, and we are out of school today due to ice. I am sure we will go tomorrow though. I think I would love to visit China, but like you it would not be my first priority.

    The First Grade Jungle Room

  2. We are on snow day #5 as well. I was wondering what part of the east coast are you from; I'm from PA. I also have a three young adult children. :) Good luck with your move.

    1. I'm also a Pennsylvania blogger - from the central part of the state. How about you? I know there was a blogger meet-up last summer in Harrisburg, I think, but I was on vacation then. Maybe this summer?

  3. I'm jealous of your snow day. Keeping my fingers crossed we'll get one this week!