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Summer Reading - a little late

My students asked me to create a fun reading activity at the end of the year.  I thought I could get it finished in time, but alas, the school year ended and it was only half finished!  Now it's finished, and if you think your own children would enjoy it, or if you are still in a classroom, stop by my TpT store and take a look!  The cool thing is it can work for any age.

There are 40 different things that students can do to read.  You decide how long they read to earn a beach ball based on what's age appropriate, and when they finish reading according to the direction on the ball, have them cut it out and glue it onto the beach towel.  When they've collected whatever number you've set for them, treat them for reading over the summer.  I'm thinking a favorite ice cream cone or sundae sounds perfect!

Keep them from that reading slump over the summer.  Heck, I might even do this myself if there's ice cream on the other side!  :)


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