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Calling all Christian and private school teachers!

Sometime this summer, an editor approached me about reading some books by Clark Burbidge.  The books sounded interesting, and made me wonder about ways to incorporate them as read-alouds with our school-wide system, which is based on The 7 Habits by Stephen and Sean Covey.

This is the story of a land where giants once roamed, taking care of the people who lived there.  One day they leave, surprising the villagers, and it is up to a young man, Thomas, to leave his wife and daughter behind in his search to find them and bring them back. On his quest, Thomas encounters wolves, a wise old man, and giants named Horsetender, Mountainbiter, Forestmaster, Threadweaver, Worldmaker, and Sonspeaker. 

The book reads like a fable in some ways, and it is filled with Thomas' thoughts about God, his prayers, and some important life lessons he learns about stepping in with courage to help others.  It is a little one-dimensional for me, with Thomas and everyone he meets being pretty wonderful and helpful.  But I think that's overridden by the message of becoming a "giant" in the world you live in.  For that reason, I think it would do well as a read-aloud because the messages are good and should be reinforced with kids!

I am a public school teacher, and so this is a book I can't read to my students.  However I have the first and second book, and if you teach in a school that would allow this, I'd be delighted to send you the books.

Leave me a message with your email address and I'll be in touch about how to get the books to you.

Have a great Friday!

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