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Summer Bucket List linky

I've linked up with Natalie at What the Teacher Wants and her Summer Bucket list.  A few days late, but it's worth putting it out there - makes me more likely to hold onto these goals!

I don't have a lot of concrete goals as much as ideas that I want to let play around in my head for a while.  So, here goes!

We used a new, very intensive Reading series this past year, and while there were a lot of aspects I liked about it, there were also some that I didn't.  I want to think about where I can adjust things for next year.  The more I think about that now, the better it'll be!

My students loved some of the creative writing opportunities that I provided for them.  But I felt like we did it in spurts.  I'd love to find a way to make that a more regular part of my week.

I am so loving the chance to wake up without an alarm clock!  I putter around the house for a while in my pj's and it's okay.  There's no rush to be anywhere, most days.  I am really, really enjoying this!  

I learned last year that Austria, the birthplace of both of my parents, was making citizenship available to any offspring of people who had to leave the country under duress.  My parents, who didn't know each other then, fled during the rise of anti-Semitism after Austria was overrun by Germany.  Although my mother converted and we were raised Christians, this feel like a wonderful opportunity for restitution.  

My three children (all in their 20's) were very interested in having me do this, so I'm am meeting lots and lots of government officials, as I get documents notarized, certified, apostilled, and every other kind of stamp that can be given to make something official.  I've been to New York City (got to see my daughters so that was fun), I'm heading to Washington, D.C., and I'll head over to Harrisburg, PA at some point.
I have a dear friend who owns a home at the beach.  She'll be gone for a few weeks, so I get to stay there!  What a wonderful way to refresh and restore!  One of my daughters recently said, "The beach is the only place I can go where I am truly 'present.'  I can go there and the rest of the world falls away."  So, so true!

I completely changed up the way we eat last summer, and we're all feeling healthier for it.  I don't follow any particular plan, but it's definitely more whole food/Paleo/no wheat/no sugar.  I enjoy having the extra time during the summer to play around in the kitchen, trying out recipes I've found on food blogs or pinterest.

Enjoy these wonderful days of summer!

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  1. I too am looking just to take this limited time to relax! This is my first summer without any masters work and in all honesty, I just want to lay outside everyday and read!

    I am experimenting with various healthy dinner and lunch ideas as well. Make sure to let me know if you find anything that is easy, fast, and delicious!

    Enjoy your summer!
    ~Kimberly Lawler
    Stuck In The Middle