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Michael Vey, #5 and my Minion reading bulletin board!

I blogged about creating this minion board for the beginning of school.  Here's a before.  Doesn't he look a little lonely?
And now...

But what's really cool is listening to the kids talk as they're creating them.  Good discussions (and sales pitches!) about books being read.  Isn't that the whole purpose?  

One of my former students emailed me about when the fifth Michael Vey book was coming out.
Now, there are lots of good books out there for middle school students.  There really are.  And I've read a lot of them, and read a lot aloud to my students.  And they've liked almost all of them.  But this series?  I have NEVER seen kids beg to keep reading the way they do when I read the first book in this series.  And then the rest of the series doesn't see the bookshelf again until months later.  Because everyone's passing them around.

If you haven't looked at this series, take a look.  I think I would recommend it for 6th-8th grades, although the first blogger who brought it to my attention years ago had read it to her fifth grade class.

Have a great weekend!

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