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Combining Landscape and Portrait slides in PowerPoint

When I first started making products for my students years ago, they were always made in Word.  And I fought the program, trying to move things around.  These days, it's so easy to create them in PowerPoint there's no reason to go back.                                                         These cards for the homonyms their, they're and there were created cards in landscape. I printed them out on card stock and laminated them to use at school for students to play games and review with each other.
But then I wanted a worksheet as a quick individual assessment.  It made sense to put that in Portrait mode, but PowerPoint doesn't let you shift slides from landscape to portrait in the same file.  I didn't want to create two different files.
If you have that same challenge, the fix is easy!  Simply create two different PowerPoints, one in landscape and one in portrait.  Then, merge them when you turn your PowerPoint into a pdf.

For me, I created my cover and task cards as one file in Landscape. Then I created my worksheets and credits page in Portrait mode, and saved that as a separate file, and then saved them both as pdfs. I used smallpdf  to merge the two files.  It was pretty easy!  You download your first file, then add additional files.  Presto, chango!  Within seconds, you have one file, combining both portrait and landscape files into one.

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I hope that helps you!

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