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Meet My Shoes - a Technology and Writing challenge!

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There are lots of good Get-to-Know-You activities out there for the beginning of school, but when I heard about this idea from a high school teacher in my district, it sounded like fun!  I like that it's a and different way for students to introduce themselves to the class.  It also combines technology - have your students post it online - and it gives you a first writing sample!  

My students are getting iPads this year and I had hoped they'd have them in time to do this assignment the first week, and then post it on Schoology.  It sounds like iPads won't be in their hands until the 2nd or 3rd week of school, but I think I still want them to do it that way.  I just have to see what technology they'll have available.  But I want them to comment on each other's posts; there are some good lessons about discussion boards and posting that can be covered then, too.
 I made three versions of this graphic organizer - one for Schoology, one for printing and typing on computers, and one for attaching a picture and handwriting their paragraph.
My example:  these are my favorite shoes!  I love that they're sparkly gold and that I can be in them all day!  

Meet My Shoes can be purchased from my TpT store.  Click on the link or the picture at the top and wishlist or buy it for a new, creative way to get to know your kids!

Have a great week!

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