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The Thing About Jellyfish- - part coming-of-age and part science novel

When you open some books, you just read and read.  Some books, you put down.  And for others, you grab a notebook and start jotting down sentences.  Because. They're. Just. That. Good.

This is one of those books.

Part coming-of-age and part science book, this novel takes you on a journey with Suzy as she confronts and tries to make sense of her former best friend's death. 
"It just happened." 
"It was an accident." 

None of that rings true for Suzy.

Imagine a book told from Suzy's point of view, that includes conversations she has with her deceased friend, Franny.  Mix in some wisdom from Mrs. Turston, Suzy's 7th grade Science teacher, in the form of the stages of a science experiment.  Which are metaphors for Suzy's life.  Throw in a lot of information about jellyfish.  And a kid - Suzy - who decides to stop talking.  Add a divorced mom and dad and a brother with his boyfriend, and you have the makings of something that sounds unusual.

It is.  And it's incredibly powerful.

This would make a great read-aloud for students in upper elementary and middle school grades!

I fell in love with the novel when I started reading it, and halfway into jotting down my favorite sentences, decided to create a novel study for it.  But this blog post is about more than that.  Just borrow or buy the book and read it.  You'll see why pretty quickly!

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