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Create Custom Rules for Your Students in Schoology

Create custom rules in Schoology
If you use Schoology as a platform at your school, you know that there are many things you can do with it.  In my previous blog post, I showed you how to create custom groups and custom assignments.  You can read about how to create custom groups here and custom assignments here.

Create Custom Rules

One of the best ways to use Schoology to its full potential is to create an assignment for a particular group of students.  When you have students working on multiple assignments at the same time, you can't always check in with each student when they need you to.

To monitor their work, simply create a rule.  To do that, click onto Schoology, go to Options and then click on Student Completion.
Custom rules for students
You can set whatever standard you want before a student is able to move on.  For example, in the completion rule below, students had a to watch a video and then put the events in order.  In order to move on, they had to earn at least an 80 out of 100.  Scoring less than that allowed them to rewatch the video and retake the "quiz" as many times as they needed. 
Setting it up this way allowed me to work on more complex analysis with students who had questions without having these students wait to meet with me.

As the school year winds down and some of your students are assuming it's already over, using these simple rules is a great way to manage your classroom and keep kids engaged in what they're supposed to be working on.  

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