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Why aren't you simplifying your life with Planbook?

Paper planners that you buy.  Pretty ones that you create and print.  Expensive ones, digital ones....there are so many ways to plan your lessons.

I switched to Planbook four years ago and haven't looked back since.  (I don't get anything for this blog post, so this is purely my opinion!)

It's very reasonably priced at just $15.
It's easy to navigate.
Everything you need is easily accessible.  You can set up a template for your classes so that the things you do that are important, every day, are automatically added to your plans.  Here's an example of a template I used for my ELA class last year.

Planbook is accessible from any location and device.  Although you might write new lesson plans every year to fit your new students, it's easy to copy and paste parts from previous years that you know will work with them.

Check it out!

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