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Cutting and Pasting their Way to Reading Stamina

By the time you get to November, hopefully you've got students reading away!  But sometimes you need to provide a little more incentive to keep them reading.  This is a fun activity that I've used with my students over Thanksgiving break.  
Cornucopia Reading Activity
1.  Each vegetable that goes into the cornucopia basket has an assignment on it.
2.  Decide how long you want students to read each day.  For my sixth-graders, we decided on 30                 minutes, but you know your students best.
3.  Suggestions might be:
  • read on the floor
  • read in your pajamas
  • read while eating a snack
  • read in the bathtub
4.  As students complete each one, they color, cut, and glue or tape the item into the cornucopia.  

When students return to school, reward them with apple cider and pretzels or popcorn to celebrate!

If you'd prefer one with a Fall theme instead, click here or on the picture.

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