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Fun Valentine's Activities That Don't Require Grading. Unless You Want To.

Sixth graders are a fun bunch - caught between being kids and being teens.  Some kids still want to celebrate Valentine's Day by exchanging valentines and other kids act like they're so over that.  

I tried to keep writing a low-key activity in my classroom.  We learned and practiced a lot of skills but I wanted students to love writing, not dread it.  So I didn't put a grade on everything.  I wanted to reward students who were improving but not mastering expectations.

With that in mind, this Valentine's Day activity was created.

paper hearts with cute Valentine's Day sayings on thems

I wanted to use real candy hearts.  But, in my usual style of last-minute creation, I couldn't find enough the day before we did this.  So I created two pages of hearts for them to color, cut out, and use.
a graphic organizer for Valentine's Day writingsample writing paper for Valentine's Day writing
We had practiced narrative writing, poetry, and a little bit about letter writing, so I let kids choose if they wanted to start a new short story or a poem, or if they wanted to write someone (or a book character) a letter.  

Do you need to grade it?  There are rubrics for each different assignment if you want to use them, but maybe this time, just let them write for the pure pleasure of putting words down on paper!

  • If you want a Valentine's Day activity that is completely done for you, I have what you need.  This project includes everything you need.  You just need to print copies!  Click here to take a closer look.

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