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How to generate excitement in Science and Math with some Peeps

 Are you serious?  You're going to let us do this?  This is gonna be so fun!

Yeah, I think so, too.

There are days when you need to push content and days when your kids need a fun way to practice skills so that they don't even realize they're doing work.  This Peeps Challenge is one of those times when excitement wins!

a stack of notebooks for science and math

Math Skills #1

How skilled are you and your team members at building a catapult to shoot your Peeps farther than anyone else?

What will it cost to build it?

Can you work collaboratively using everyone's ideas?
A catapult built out of pencils and rubber bands

Math Skills #2

How would you house your Peep to give it shelter?

What would be the height, length, depth, area, and volume?

What would it cost to build?
Shelters for Peeps built from construction paper

Math Skills #3

Make some high and low predictions about how many Peeps are purchased every year.

What does the data say about that?

Look at each groups' estimates and figure out the range, mean, median, mode, (and absolute deviation if students know how to do that.)


After you research an assigned biome, what adaptations have animals there had to make to survive?

If your Peeps lived in that biome, what adaptations would it have to make?

  • These are just some of the fun activities your students can participate in if you schedule a Peeps Challenge over several days!
  • If you'd like this CREATED FOR YOU with lesson plans and easy directions, click here!
    a hand holding a spoon in the grass to catapult a Peeps

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