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Take advantage of this low-cost Social Studies sale!

Do you spend some of your summer stressing about what and how you'll be teaching certain topics? I did this when I taught Social Studies: where could I blend Social Studies and English in ways that were meaningful to both?
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If you struggle with this too, take a look at this Social Studies sale - it's very generous - over $600 worth of products divided into three bundles!

Social Studies Super Bundles

If you are constantly spending time searching for updated social studies materials or you search to find ways for students to have FUN while learning social studies content, you are not alone! It can be so hard to find engaging content that will work for all of your students. The Social Studies Super Bundles are only available this week, from June 13th-June 20th.

Benefits of Available Bundles

Sometimes I'm hesitant to purchase bundles because of their higher cost. I want to make sure I'm getting good-quality resources! I can assure you that the Social Studies Super Bundles are filled with high-quality printable and digital resources. All of the activities are fun, engaging, worthwhile lessons!

After buying these bundles, you'll spend way less time planning and worrying. You just need to figure out the best spot to drop them into your lesson plans! I ESPECIALLY like that the resources bring in updated and innovative teaching strategies: playing digital games, moving to stations, using Boom Cards, and completing web searches. I get lots of creative teaching ideas from seeing how other teachers approach a topic.

Click here to watch this video about what's on sale.

Some of the topics include The Cuban Missile Crisis, geography, the Revolutionary War (including songs from Hamilton), the Civil War, Martin Luther King, Jr, Women's suffrage, and the Constitution. Each lesson includes innovative teaching strategies in order to encourage and inspire all students. Over 48 products included in this package! 

Sometimes, students have trouble understanding why the past is so important to learn about. This bundle shows students how current societies learn from ancient civilizations. Topics include everything from the Cold War to World Wars, from ancient Rome, Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Silk Road to different religions. There are even bulletin board materials! There is also an anti-racism focus to help foster supportive communities. The 34 activities all bring in creative teaching strategies to offer full engagement. 

Government Bundle

There is just so much to learn about all the branches of government! This bundle has 40+ activities that will break down complex topics like our presidents, the Constitution, and Supreme Court cases. There are Boom cards, Escape Rooms, and more! Just like the others, all of the activities are high-quality and filled with current teaching methods.

    • Check out these bundles now!
    • $20 each
    • On sale today - June 20th at 11:59 PM

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