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Announcing the best reading game I've ever seen students play

The teacher's request on Facebook was what to do for 8th graders who struggled to read any book for more than one class session.  

a reading game
That made me think of this reading game that I used to play with my sixth graders.

They begged to play it!

In one easy and VERY fun game, you can tell if your students are reading.  And they love to play the game.  To keep it interesting, we only played it once a week or so, but they never knew which day I would choose until they'd been reading for 15 minutes or so.

All it takes is for you to put a phrase up on your board at the point where you want students to play.  Use the Google Slides I created for you!  (***Updated: I fixed the problem with the slides.  Thank you for your patience!***)

How to play the game:
  • Let students read silently for a while 
  • Show them what you have on the board
  • They need to come up with a response from their book that best fits
  • Quickly put them into groups of 4-5 
  • Students tell each other the response they picked
  • Tell students that when you count down "3, 2, 1" they have to point to the person whose response was the best
  • Then, those "winners" shared their quotes and the name of their books with the class.
The cool thing:
  • Kids read with more intentionality
  • It's a WIN-WIN!  Not only are students reading books but they're talking about them to their friends.
    • (Hint: have them write the titles down on their Wishlists/TBR lists or take a picture of the cover)
  • They want to keep playing, which means they want to keep reading
  • There's a LOT of laughter in the room
Try it!
Free sample of reading game
Click here to get a free sample of this game that I created for you!


  1. Can you give an example of what you put on the board for students to respond to?

    1. Please click on the link again. I corrected the problem that didn't let you see under the pictures! There are ten phrases already there for you.