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Short and Sweet: Take advantage of TpT's Cyber Monday and Tuesday sale

I hope you've had a restful Thanksgiving break!  

It's time now to leave the land of turkeys and pumpkins and move into the land of snow, ornaments, and trees. 

Get your students reviewing Math skills (area, perimeter, an introduction to surface area, time, and money), English skills (persuasive writing, figurative language, and sequencing), and Design Skills (creating inclusive wrapping paper, store signs, advertisements.)  This Christmas/Winter Gift Wrap Stand PBL is sure to be a hit with your students!
Have your students read two points of view about Christmas trees, then answer reading comprehension questions (connotation, context clues, allusion, text structure, and author's purpose) and respond persuasively to a text-dependent question.   
Some years, we would take a break from writing instruction and my students would write stories for their own enjoyment with these Story Starters.  As long as they were writing, I was happy!  We would discuss them and work through any challenges, but they weren't graded.  That seemed to relax some of the kids and made for some interesting stories!  Sixth graders have wild imaginations!
Another fun and interactive way to write!  Roll a Story and Roll a Poem only require dice and a few copied pages.  Students can work alone or with a partner.  These were great, especially for that last week before winter break!
Our last day before break was filled with lots of activities, including a movie for the students and breakfast (a gift from one of our principals and the PTO to the teachers), crafts, and other activities.  This Would You Rather game was a fun one to play!

Use #CYBER21 to get 25% off all of these (and more) products!

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