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Improve science literacy with some great ideas for Earth Day

It's hard to believe that Earth Day is more than 50 years old.  And even harder to admit that I remember the very first one!

Do you and your students study the environment around Earth Day?  

I asked several friends to share some of the things they do in their classrooms that might be helpful for you.  Ginny Priest, a 5th-grade teacher in California, had some suggestions and some videos she thought might be helpful.  Click here or on the picture to learn more.

If you want your students to do some research on endangered animals, she has a great blog post about how to create an infographic, with all the details you need to get your students researching and reporting!

Another friend, Lynda Williams, taught in California public schools before teaching Science Methods at two universities.  She has this Environmental Research product if you're looking for your students to explore current issues where they evaluate solutions involving biodiversity and the environment.

This set of reading passages about Coral Reefs is fascinating and gets your students thinking about informational text while it promotes science literacy.

And finally, if your students want to read about how Earth Day came to be a day of learning back in 1970, they can read these differentiated passages.  You can read more about why I created comprehension passages for this important topic here.
four sets of hands holding a small Earth for Earth Day
I hope you find something you can use to help your students learn more about this important day!

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