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Could this strategy help you stop chaos at the end of the day?

Students putting their hands together with "Stop chaos at the end of the day" underneath

 I recently came across some notes for something I'd wanted to try from early 2020.  I had watched a brief video somewhere, probably on social media that had made quite an impression on me, and I wanted to try it with my students.
I did everything I could to make dismissal as calm and organized as possible, but late running buses, last-minute backpack checks for kids who needed me to help them make sure work went home, initialing planners, all of that stuff tended to get in the way.  So, I often resorted to playing Silent Speedball or letting students sit and chat with friends.  Even though I knew this wasn't the best, by the end of the day, I wasn't at my strongest any longer.  I'm sure you can relate!

A monkey with his hand over his eyes
I don't remember what this end-of-the-day routine was called, but it could easily have been The Three As.  The teacher described how he'd have the kids stand in a circle and reflect on their day.  They could mention an Appreciation, an Apology, or an Aha moment. I don't remember if it was spontaneous or if they went around in a circle, but it was cool to see how they came together and what this simple activity did for building their classroom community.
I never had the chance to try it, because, well, Covid happened.  And I retired at the end of that year.  So, I'm curious.  Do you do anything like this at the end of your day?  
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