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How do you save your sanity at this time of the year? Well, you use this!

I have a thought!

Pink tulips with sign that says TeachersPayTeachers is having a sale

I remember hoping at this time of the year when I was in the classroom, that I'd have more energy, the days being longer and sunnier.  There were all kinds of fun disruptions - field days and kickball tournaments and festivals!

That did require holding on to some of my kiddos a little more tightly to make sure they handled the changes in daily routine okay.  
That's why this resource is perfect for this time of the year!  It's actually good for any time of the year, but let's face it, it's May and you're tired.
Cover of the ELA Review Color by Code bundle

And the best part?  It's part of the TeachersPayTeachers sale - the last sale of this school year on Tuesday and Wednesday - so its 20% off!

Here's why you should buy it now:

If you purchased each resource in this bundle individually, you would pay      $55.75   
 I like nice round prices, so as a bundle, you get 28% off       $40.00   
 Add the TpT sale and you get an additional 20% off       $32.00   
Use the code THANKYOU23 at checkout and you get 5% more off       $30.60   

You'll never see it for this low a price again.

Here's why.  

It already has ten resources in it but it's a growing bundle, so as I add new resources, I will raise the price.  Everyone who already owns the bundle gets those additional resources FREE!  
Have no use for it this year?  

Buy it for next school year and your students will thank you. Each resource is a great 1-2 day activity, so it's perfect for a sub!  

I just took care of some of your emergency plans.
You're welcome.

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