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Nonfiction books have so much to teach your students, and they're fun

A head's up:  This blog post has links to nonfiction resources and it's chock-full of information! 

All the reasons to read nonfiction books:

  1. It's not a genre that most of them are drawn to, initially
  2. Many newer nonfiction books are written in narrative styles, which makes them more captivating
  3. Students broaden their understanding of topics, countries, and people
  4. Many of the books for upper elementary and middle school students illustrate someone who has persevered through huge obstacles

Nonfiction books are great for:

  • read aloud 
    • complement a topic you're teaching
    • introduce your students to this genre
    • they're filled with wonderful stories
  • independent reading
    • for some of your students, this is where their reading interests lie
    • some students want to dig deeper into something they learned about
    • some students need their reading choices stretched
  • small group reading
    • students can delve deeply into the same topic by having each group read a different book on the same topic
    • some students prefer to read nonfiction
Books that blend science or history with reading also lend themselves to great culminating activities, if you have the time.  That's why I include a list of optional extension activities after every book study I create.

Consider some of these nonfiction books:
Read my review of the book here.  You can take a closer look at the study guide here.

I'm a huge fan of this young woman, so it's surprising that I haven't blogged about her recently.   You can look at the book study guide here.

This book combines Science, History, and the stories of four young women who worked for NASA in its earliest days.  Read my review of Hidden Figures here.  And take a closer look at the book study guide here.

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