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Three Christmas/Winter activities your students will find fun!

 I know.  You're hanging on as best you can.  Doors are being decorated, kids are decorating themselves, and you don't want to be *that* cranky teacher.

Here are three seasonal activities that your 6th graders will actually find cool.  Shh...don't tell them they're still working! 

Have your students do this poetry activity:

Using songs from Ariana Grande, Sia, Pentatonix, Stevie Wonder, Darlene Love, and Faith Hill, students roll dice to show what songs, lines, and specific words they're to use in the poem they write.

 ðŸŽ¤The links to the songs are provided, so why not listen to them as your students work!

Real or artificial?  They decide!

 ðŸŽ„Read passages from two points of view - is it better for the environment to buy a real tree or an artificial one?  Your students read the passages, answer comprehension questions, and then make a case for what they would do.

Hands-on with a creative, real-world PBL!

🎁Perfect if you have at least a week for students to work on this, it's a great way to blend real-world math problems, design ads, posters, store signs, and wrapping paper.  Project-based learning activities are a super way to let students be creative and academic!

I hope you get some time off to relax and recharge over the winter break!  I'm taking some time off to spend with my family, so I'll see you in the new year!

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