Adventure to Mars: Because all 6th graders want to go there, right? | Mentoring in the Middle

Adventure to Mars: Because all 6th graders want to go there, right?

Studying about Mars can happen in Reading or in Science, and blending them together makes my heart happy!  

Because, blending subjects....😍

Mars in the background with 3 resources for sale in front of it

Let me take you on my Mars adventure!

🚀 First, I should tell you that I love all things space-related.  I'm Team Space all the way!

Years ago, my students and I read about NASA's work to get rovers to Mars.  That passage led to lots of curiosity and made me realize that we needed to dig deeper.  It was in April after state testing, and I knew the combination of reading and hands-on activities would make for a lot of happy students.

We had fun!

Get a rover to Mars

After much discussion about space and space travel (and some great videos from the International Space Station), we were ready to make our own Mars landers.  

The students worked in groups of three and had a ton of fun, trying out ideas and testing them, all in preparation for LAUNCH DAY!

 ðŸŽ¯I found that groups of four were too large.  Someone wandered off or got frustrated that their ideas weren't being used.  Three seemed to be the perfect number.

Two students working on a Mars lander project
Testing and retesting the landers.

A Mars lander ready with a plastic bag parachute and part of an egg container
Measuring to make sure all criteria are met.

Fiction and nonfiction about Mars

I wrote about A Rover's Story by Jasmine Warga here.  I love that book!  It's a super way to make something like space travel understandable.  The fact that the rover is totally anthropomorphized?  That much more special!

I made a novel study guide that you can see here.

A rover on Mars

I thought it might be smart to pair a fiction book with a nonfiction passage about NASA and rovers.  That has mazes to solve while rereading the passage.

You can see that here.

a rover on Mars at night

Make a Mars lander

Here's the resource to build a Mars lander.

A golden egg descending with a golden parachute

And the best part?
Background is Mars, in front are three resources about the planet

You can buy all of this in a bundle for 20% off the individual listings.  
AND I've just planned 6-8 weeks of your teaching life.

You're welcome. 

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