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Read about Legos? Move around the Room? A Scavenger Hunt? Yes, please!

"Can we sit around the room?" was a frequently asked question in my class.  My rule was simple: if I saw that they couldn't handle it, they were back at their desks. 
Lego man holding a map; these Lego passages have a scavenger hunt

Read Around the Room
So when I wrote this series of short passages about Legos, it made sense to frame it with some movement.  There are 8 task cards that you can:
  1. Print out, laminate, and tape around your room.
  2. Print out multiple copies and lay them on surfaces so more students have access
  3. Print out copies for each student or pair of students and have them read at their seats.
Legos Reading passage

Have your students work individually, in pairs, or in small groups.  I wouldn't go larger than groups of 3 or 4 or else some students won't participate as much as you'd like.  This is an activity that works nicely as partner work.

The passages do not need to be read in order, so your kids can move around to any station where they see an opening.

The Scavenger Hunt

Once students have read each passage one time, then they read the questions. 

First, they have to figure out which question goes to which passage before they can answer it. Once they figure that out, they read the question and use the Decode Sheet to figure out the letter represented by the picture. 

Legos questions and Decoder Chart
It's a lot of fun work and some good rereading takes place to make sure their answers are correct!

And the Bonus?
You've got a lesson planned out for you, (you're welcome!) your students have worked without realizing it, and they've practiced an important skill.  Which is especially important if you have state testing coming up soon.

Right now, the Legos reading passage is priced at $3.00, so grab it now before the price goes up!

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