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Give Me Five - A way to help Sandy Hook teachers

We've all been hit hard by the horrible events at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Many of us are still reeling, and we want to do something.  We want to reach out to those who are living, grieving, and beginning the painful healing that is so necessary.  But we don't know what they need.  Like many other teachers, I've wanted to reach out in some way.  But I haven't really known what to do that would be truly helpful.  And     now, Donna at Peace, Love and Learning has come up with a meaningful way that teachers can help.  See her blogpost here.  If you are a teacher who sells products on TeachersPayTeachers, you can offer this.
Sandy Hook teachers can be adopted by TpT teachers who have materials they might be able to use.  The teachers can choose any five items from their store and they will be sent via email for immediate download.  If you're not on TpT but would like to help, read Donna's blog about how you can become an "Angel" by purchasing gift certificates for those teachers to use.

It's a small way to help.  But as someone who's lived through tragedy, I know that sometimes it's the small "reachings-out" (yes, I just created a new word) that make a huge difference.

Won't you consider helping?


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