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Spelling, oh spelling, where have you gone?

"He was berried were shepherds still walk there sheep.  He were a grass cape like a shepherd of his centery would were."

"He wore a grass like skirt witch was comon for the begening of the centery."

"They can keep there heard of sheep in the moutians."

I am truly stumped this year.  I just don't know how to get my students to care more about how they spell.  Am I worrying too much?  Will spell check take care of all of this anyway?  I just want my students to appear as smart as they are.  And good writing is so important to me.  And to them!

How do you handle this with your students?

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  1. You could EASILY be reading something written by one of MY students! It would look identical.
    We don't have a spelling program--and it shows!
    I have the same worries... but no answers!

    Here is a little link-up that might help you get a little more connected...
    See, I haven't forgotten about you. Her blog is just getting started too.

    I hope that your 2013 is filled with plenty of success and good times...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade