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Liebster, part 2

   So it's been a fairly wacky time these last couple of weeks, and here I've gotten this great award, and couldn't respond to it the way I'd wanted to.  So I'm going to give it a try tonight.  Here are the last couple of questions I still need am delighted to answer.

If you could, which moment of your life would you wear on a locket around your neck?
Which famous person would you bring back from the dead to have a chat with?
Are these questions too hard, and do you want to stab me with a dull knife right about now ? :-)

   The locket question is SOOOO hard!  There are a couple of hard ones - you know, those kind that take your breath away.   That look from the man you love.  The first time you hold your just minutes-old child.  The rhythmic sound of the ocean on a warm day.  The satisfaction of working really hard at something physically, and being totally spent at the end of the day.  Okay, so the first two win out over the others.  But I do remember skiing in New Mexico one time, and my husband laughing at me and saying, "Can you say something besides 'this is SO TOTALLY cool!'"  I had this silly grin on my face for most of the day.  Don't know if it's locket worthy, but it was a precious moment.

   Famous person I'd want to talk with.  Maybe Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German theologian who was so opposed to the Nazi movement and gave his life for it.  Or maybe Harriet Tubman, who also believed in a cause so passionately that she put herself at risk.  Or maybe Marian Anderson, who struggled to break the color barrier with her gorgeous singing.  Or maybe Chuck Yeager.  I'd love to talk to him about what flying that intensely must have felt like.  

   Apparently I'm having trouble making up my mind tonight :)  But I know I'd like to talk to people who feel passionately about their beliefs, whatever they are.

Okay.  Now, here are my 11 questions for some unsuspecting new bloggers:

1.  What the must-see place to visit on your life's list?
2.  Outer space or deep sea exploration?
3.  What article of clothing can't you live without?
4.  Who was the most instrumental teacher in your life?
5.  What was the most embarrassing moment of your high school years?
6.  What saying do you carry around with you?
7.  What's been your most frustrating teaching moment?
8.  Why did you become a teacher?
9.  What was your favorite childhood book or series?
10. Favorite song?
11.  What snack food can I find in your desk at school?

And here are the blogs that I'm picking on selecting!   Have fun!

Kate's Classroom Cafe        Not Just for Elementary

I'll pick more later, but for now it's time for bed.  School will be here before I know it.  Yes, I have Professional Development tomorrow.  :(    :)  (Can you tell I'm having fun with the strikethrough tonight?)

G'night all!


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