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Another Reading Scavenger Hunt - Compare and Contrast

I've been playing around with the idea of creating engaging, hands-on activities to reinforce reading comprehension skills for a while now.  A number of you asked for my Cause and Effect Scavenger Hunt.

After finishing a grad class last week on Standards-aligned engaging strategies, I created this new Scavenger Hunt.  This one is for students to learn to compare and contrast.

It starts off with the same idea - working with a partner, students find things in your classroom to compare and contrast.  But then it ends in a fun activity that allows students to compare themselves to pictures - how they are the same and different.  After doing that activity in my grad class for a different reason, I felt like I knew my partners in the class just a little better.  Because we were comparing and contrasting, it felt like the perfect fit for this product!'s the deal.  Rather than have you comment if you'd like this product, and then having me try to track you down by email, it's free on TeachersPayTeachers.  But only for 24 hours!

The only thing I ask is that you rate the product and follow my store in exchange for this freebie.
So grab it while the gettin's good!

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  1. Thanks, Marion. I can't wait to try it in the fall.(Yep, I followed and rated!)Sara B