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Are school tragedies our new normal?

Just read online about the young high school teacher from Danvers, MA whose body was found today. This tragedy coming right on the heels of the teacher who was shot earlier this week.

My heart hurts for these families.  The huge hole of someone's death stays with you for a long, long time. My heart hurts for students, who need to return to school and make sense out of what happened.  And try to figure out how to make their school - for most of them a safe haven - feel that way again.

And my heart hurts for teachers all over this great country, as we try to put on a good face for our students, even as we wonder what in the world is going on right now.

And yet, in my heart of hearts, I still feel blessed to be a teacher.  To be in a school.  Touching the lives of kids every day.

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