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Oh Friday, glorious Friday!

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#1  Getting ready to move has put a real crimp in my blogging!  And tiptoeing around the house, now that the stagers have been here is kinda funny, and just a little bit weird.  Or, as one of my former students wrote, "weriod."  Okay.  Clearly, she still needs to work on spelling!

So this is what my dining room is supposed to look like.  Right.  I always place my napkins in their wine glasses.  Because I drink wine every night?  C'mon - I can't do that AND grade papers!

Do you like the painting in my family room?  It goes nicely with the colors on my pillows, doesn't it?  
Yeah.  Have no clue where it came from.
And actually, I kind of like it.

#2 I was working with my students on adjectives a couple of weeks back, and put together a packet of activities for them to do around that.  I had been surprised that they'd struggled to identify adjectives in a sentence, so I thought I'd start them out easily.  First, we drew a picture based on a simple sentence.  Then, I elaborated on the sentence and had them draw that.  They were amazed at how differently their pictures turned out.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the power of adjectives.

Now, you ask, where are the pictures?  Pictures, oh......right.  

#3  We spent a lot of time last week and the early part of this week preparing for a theme test, wrapping up our Reading Olympians word work, which, by the way, my kids are loving, and finishing up writing.  Can you tell it's the end of the marking period?  All good stuff - and boy am I glad to be finished with that huge pile of grading.  I don't know how I managed to have so many things due right around the same time.  Oh, and we counted how many books we read this marking period.  77 kids read 638 books!  WOW!

#4  Our iPads arrived.  We were so excited!  Instead of getting 10 per team (we're on teams of three), we got 30.  Cool!  Except that we couldn't download anything on them.  Or sign students on.  Oops!  The tech folks had to come back and reclaim them.  I can't wait to get them back.  I have so many ideas for how I'd like my students to use them.

#5 We start a new Reading theme next week, around unsolved mysteries.  The kids usually love this one, and it's fun to have them all read mysteries during this time.  I don't usually insist that they read the same genre at the same time, but for this theme, I insist that everyone try a mystery book.  Last year, a boatload of kids discovered a new genre to fall in love with! 

And that folks, is about all I can muster right now.  Still more packing to do, and of course, theme tests to grade.  Hold on, while I pull that napkin right out of that ol' wineglass!

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