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Make Your Masterpiece linky (TpT seller week #3)

Hi there,

I'm late to the game as usual :) but I'm linking up with a bunch of teachers - Teach, Create, Motivate; Sparkling in Second; PeppyZestyTeacherista; and Third in Hollywood for the TpT seller week #3 Challenge!

I have been working on this for almost two years.  Part of my excuse is that life got in the way and part of it is that I just need time to reflect on what worked and what didn't.  And why.  And what to do about it.

But what I've put together now feels really solid, for some skills that are hard for upper elementary kiddos to grasp.  I start with pictures like this one.
Norman Rockwell is a great artist to work with because his pictures have so many fun details.  So, first we observe, using some sentence stems to focus our thinking.  Then, we infer, and finally we predict.  
We work our way to text with a read-aloud, The Sweetest Fig by Chris Van Allsburg.  Now kids listen to the words and look at pictures.  Again, we observe, infer, and predict, some of it as a whole class, and some with a partner or small group.

From that book, we move to scaffolded text.  This is a story I found in the public domain and edited to make more readable for 5th-6th graders.  It's called Briar Rose which is really the story we know as Sleeping Beauty.  Students read the story and infer and predict the underlined text.  
And then finally, they get to turn to their independent reading book.  By then, with all of this support, they know what they're looking for.  And those sentence stems that started it all with the pictures?  Yeah, they're still using them to focus their reading.

Observations, Inferences, and Predictions, bundled with PowerPoint.  A labor of time and love, but well worth it!


  1. I LOVE Chris Van Allsburg's books! We use them all the time. They are so great for inferring and predicting. This looks like a really great product!

    2 Literacy Teachers

    1. Thanks, Lindsey! I agree about Chris Van Allsburg's books. They look so simple and fun at first glance, but there's a ton of digging that can go on in them!

  2. One of my most favorite things to teach is how to infer and predict with my 2nd graders. I love this! If you ever make a product similar for the younger grades, I would totally snatch it up! This looks great!

    Mrs. MeGown’s 2nd Grade Safari

    1. You've given me an idea! It shouldn't be that hard to modify to bring it down a bit. Let me play around with this a while. Stay posted!

  3. I love your use of Normal Rockwell for creating inferences! What a great idea! Your product looks great and is very thorough. I second Monica, if you ever create one for the lower grades I would be very interested :).

    1. Hi Meghan,
      Thanks for the suggestion. Since you and Monica both suggested creating one for the lower grades, I'm going to work on one for 2-4th grades. Stay posted!