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Making Book Trailers and a flash freebie!

Tired of reading logs?

I've been tired of them for years.  I know there are better ways to get kids to show you what they've been reading than to write a sentence or chapter summary every night.  I'm so glad no teacher ever made me do that.  It would have taken all the fun out of reading for me.

I'm always on the lookout for ways for kids to show me about what they're reading.  Talking to my students a week or two ago, I wondered out loud about projects they'd like to create to show me what they're reading.   They mentioned dioramas and puppet shows.  When I asked what they thought about making book trailers, the grins on their faces (and for some of them, their inability to stay seated) told me all I needed to know!

I created this project and I'll share it with my students tomorrow.  I'll try to remember to take pictures as they get to work creating!

Stop by my TPT store if you're interested.  This product will be free for 24 hours only!  And please rate it if you do download.  Comments are always appreciated!

Have a great (short) week and a happy Thanksgiving!

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