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Bookopolis website and fun Christmas/Winter writing!

We hit the ground running on Tuesday, when students came back from Thanksgiving break.  At the end of the week, after students had finished a quiz, I introduced them to this new website I thought they might enjoy.

Bookopolis is a safe, kid-friendly (grades 1-8) site. where kids can review books, read other kids' reviews, and earn badges that they can show off on their page.  It's sort of like Goodreads for the younger set.

My students had a blast!  Within minutes of us talking about what constituted a "good review" - they were off and running on laptops and iPads.

The kids laughed when I explained that this was the new "me."  The "me" that they like to go to when they want a new book to read and don't feel like pulling out the "Books I Want to Read" list that they keep in their binder.  And this one is way cooler and much younger!  I love helping them find good-fit books, but sometimes I'm busy with another student (or five!) and this is a great place to read reviews about tons of books, written by kids their age.

During our "Daily 3" time, I gave students a chance to have fun with some Christmas and Winter story starters.  I hadn't finished them in time to print on cardstock and laminate, so I put them on my Activboard and let those students who were working on writing come up and go to the one they wanted.  These girls were looking through and laughing at some of the choices before they started.  
Each sentence starts out the same way:  I knew it wasn't going to be an ordinary day when.....  There are ten that have a Christmas theme, another 18 that have a Winter theme, and I added four sheets of Winter-themed writing paper.  Check them out at either my TpT or TN stores!

Have a great Sunday,

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