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How will you TpT this summer?

As the school year winds down, I find myself thinking about all the projects my students worked on this year.  Good learning worked both ways!  My students had a variety of projects that engaged them and I learned what needed to be more clear and where I needed to add an additional step along the way.

I keep a list of projects I want to create for TpT, ones I want to tweak, products that need to be updated, good products that need better graphics or more exposure, social media sites I want to spend more time on....the list can get quite lengthy!

Here are some tips I use to help me stay organized and not feel overwhelmed.

Take Time for Yourself 
It's easy to get caught up in lists and "to-do's" and before you know it, school's about to start up again. Take time to reflect on this past school year.  Breathe.  Play with your kids or grandkids.  Wander. Think.  Read a book.  Sleep.  Garden.  Eat.  Get together with friends.  Run. Walk. Eat ice cream.  Lots and lots of ice cream.  Laugh.  Do yoga.

You'll be so much fresher when you do sit down to work. 
 Create lists
Everyone has their own way of doing this.  Figure out what works for you.  I jot notes everywhere because I'm afraid I'll forget otherwise - on my phone, post-it notes, in a notebook, on a pad of paper. Those get tossed (don't judge) on my desk.

Then, when I have time, I write them down in a notebook.  The pink one. 

I keep four folders on my computer:  Under construction: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.  I put all of my half-started projects and ideas there, and then when it's time to work on one, I know where they are.  Projects get moved if they need more time.  And sometimes I know I won't be able to work on something for a while - whatever the reason - and so it gets put in a later folder.  But that way, I don't lose what I've started.  Sometimes it's a Powerpoint I've started, sometimes it's just a title with a note to myself.
 Set a task and a timer
This is SO important!  I belong to a number of facebook groups, some of which support each other in a variety of ways.  It's so easy to get sucked into the vortex of "let me just check...."

Set a timer.  Work on social media.
Set a timer.  Work on a blogpost.
Set a timer.  Work on a product.
Set a timer.  Work on a graphic.

Whatever your goal is for the day, decide how much time you'll spend and commit to doing it.  That timer keeps you accountable!
It won't all get done (and that's okay)
I'm always surprised by how much longer it takes me to get something done than what I'd thought. I've had to make peace with that and you will, too.  Be happy with what gets done and move on.

I hope these tips help you get yourself ready for some creative time this summer!


  1. Good ideas for summer tpt planning. I need a plan lol.

  2. Great ideas to organize all the ideas floating around in my head! : )

  3. Those are some great ideas!! My "to do" list just grew!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great article. When I started TpT in 2013, I loaded products quickly. I have over 500 products and a good lot of them don't even have covers, so my work is cut out for me. The good thing is that I don't have to go back in the fall . . . two weeks, and I'll be RETIRED!

  5. Really good ideas. I need to remind myself that it I ok to take a break!

  6. So funny...I was just thinking about this! Great tips, time to get those plans in place!

  7. I have been a teacher for 15 years and this summer I finally plan to open up my TPT store and get all my products on's going to be a ton of work! Thanks for your tips!!! I'll need this reminder to slow down, take a break and it's ok if I can't do it all.

  8. Thanks for sharing! This will be my first real summer working on TpT. So much to work on!

  9. LOVED reading this!! This will be my first true summer of actively creating and trying to put myself on a schedule with TpT! I am SO excited but also can get overwhelmed but not doing #1 on your list- taking time for myself. I am a list maker so I am certain that will help me organize my thoughts AND check things off my list (I find myself adding things I have already done just to gain a few more check marks LOL). Also love the idea of using a timer- agreed--- I can get sucked into all the groups of social media and exhaust myself before hitting my goals! Again- LOVE these tips. Thanks for sharing this with all of us!! :)

  10. Great tips! I struggle with balance... so much.

  11. Thanks, marion for these great tips. I also have difficulty with balance and follow through. I start something and then my eye catching something else and I forget what i was doing...I am pinning this post so I can refer to it...LOVE it! Looking forward to California!!!