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Build Enthusiasm with this Reading Challenge!

Using blank book spines from KGFonts to track books students read
We all look for ways to keep kids reading, and in the upper elementary and middle school grades, the struggle is real.  Fortnite is hard (but not impossible) to compete with!

Ever since reading The Book Whisperer years ago, I've challenged my students to read 25 books during the year.  I carve out time for them to read almost every day in class, and expect that they'll read some at home, too.

This year, when I saw that Kimberly Geswein of KGFonts had created letters on book spines, I thought of a new way to keep track of what kids read!  I posted this in the hallway outside my room, and made a ton of white, blank ones to match.

Now, after a student finishes a book, he or she fills out the book spine with the title and author.  We're going to start a trail under this sign and just keep it going until the end of the year.  Who knows where it'll lead?!

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