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Take a Shelfie: Save Me A Seat by Weeks and Varadarajan

Save Me a Seat is a lovely pairing of two authors, Sarah Weeks of So B. It fame and Gita Varadarajan, a second-grade teacher who moved to the United States from India in 2011.  Each brings their unique strength to the book and the result is an inside look into the first week of school for two unlikely friends.

Joe, who believes "there is more to me than meets the eye" has always struggled in school.  He suffers from APD, Auditory Processing Disorder, which means he has difficulty filtering out important from unimportant sounds.  His brain wants to "do all the things" and he works to train it to focus only on those that are meaningful.  But of course, this makes him the target of the school bully who likes to taunt kids.  Because he can.

Ravi just moved from India, where he was a top student in his school.  But at this school, no one understands him - even though English is his first language - and every time he tries to explain something, he ends up making a fool of himself.  At this school, no one cares that he knows all kinds of things.

And then, there's Dillon Samreen, the popular bully and Indian-American student.  Whom Ravi thinks wants to be friends with him.  But Joe knows better.

The chapters alternate between Joe's and Ravi's points of view, and you'd think they would be so different.  But therein lies the beauty of this book.  Joe and Ravi are about as opposite as you can imagine.  Only they're not.  They have some things in common, too.  It just takes until Friday for them to discover that.

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If you like, you can purchase the book through the link below.  You don't pay any extra for it but I earn a few pennies as an amazon affiliate.

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