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Reflections on Reading

I get reflective at the end of the year, don't you?  I wonder if I've done everything I could, to get kids to fall in love with reading or if I should have done something differently.  Or more of.

This year, rather than wonder, I asked my students to respond to a Google Form I'd created.  I wanted it to be anonymous so they'd feel like they could be honest without worrying about hurting my feelings.

I was surprised by several of their responses!  Here's the one I should have trusted, but still, it surprised me.  Does it surprise you?
 85% of my students thought reading their independent book in class helped them become a stronger reader.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
But I am.
By the high percentage.
Second place went to read-alouds.....

So, if you're wondering what one group of 6th graders thinks, there you have it.  Guess what we'll be doing more of in class next year!

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