Do you have Schoology? Use the Conferences app

Have you been using Zoom this week to talk with your colleagues and your students?  I know I have, to the point where I realize that some days, I get a little "zoomed" out.  I miss their faces in real life and my eyes tire of the screen versions.

If your school uses Schoology as a platform, you may not know that it has a video-screen sharing app on it, too.  I've used Schoology for several years now and don't remember ever playing around with, or learning about it.  But changing times require changing methods, and this is a good one to use.
The Conference app on Schoology
When you go into one of your Schoology classes and look on the left-hand side, you'll see Conferences as an option.
How to set up a meeting in the Conference App on Schoology
Click on Create a new conference and a box will open up to let you set the name, date, and time. 
How to set up a meeting in the Conference App on Schoology
That's it!  On the day of the conference, you click "Start Conference." 
When it's time to start the conference on Schoology's Conference app
 You'll be asked to do a quick audio test to make sure you can be heard.  When you do this, it sounds a bit garbled because of the playback, but you'll be fine once you start.
The audio test on Schoology's Conference app
You have quite a variety of choices!  I've chatted and used screen sharing.  I want to play around with the whiteboard, but haven't come up with a reason to do it.  Yet.
So many choices on Schoology's Conference app
As I "play around" on Schoology, I'll share other ideas that work for distance learning.  In the meantime, stay strong!  We will get through this!

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