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Quick Sensory Writing Prompts are perfect (and free) for distance learning

Are you feeling like this with distance learning?
Meme of "Do all the Things!"
Only there are so many "things" that you don't know where to turn?

Until we all get into a rhythm and have a sense of what our students can do from afar, it's helpful to share what we've got that works!  

My students are currently working on a Country of Origin project that - in the classroom - would have had a persuasive writing piece attached to it.  Now, I'm not so sure, but that's a topic for another day.
Cover of Country of Origin Research ProjectCover of Country of Origin Digital Research Project

Once a week I like to pull them away from that longer-term project to do a quick-write for me.  I created these this morning, after coming back from a walk and trying to figure out how to use getting outside as part of their writing.

Five sensory writing prompts later, these are available in Google Slides for you.  They're also available in pdf and google slide formats on TpT; that one comes with a modest price.  The Google Slides are free when you sign up down below.
Cover of Quick Sensory Writing Prompts, Mentoring in the Middle blogpost
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