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A challenge: their favorite book in just 15 words

Could they do it?  Did they have it in them to work on this so close to the end of the year?

The challenge: 

Students take their favorite book from this year and explain why others should read it in exactly 15 words that create a complete sentence(s).

This is harder than it looks!  But I think students enjoyed the challenge of paring down to very specific words, rather than having to write more.

How I Introduced It:

Graphic organizer for 15 word book challenge
Using our read-aloud book, we brainstormed words to describe it.  Together, we brainstormed a sentence.  Then I handed out this graphic organizer to help them and set them to work.  You can grab the graphic organizer here.

Their examples:

For Salt to the Sea:                 

  •  This adventurous book leads you through harsh cold and drops you onto an overcrowded boat.
  •   During WWII, a group of secretive people must survive the deadly journey to freedom ships.

For The Rules for Disappearing:

  •    With romance and suspense, Meg MUST find out why she is trying to be killed.

For Blended:

  •   Isabella's blended family is more divided than ever; piano playing helps, but is it enough?
  •  Isabella's family is biracial and she's trying to feel whole but home challenges aren't helping.

For Sweep:

  • Nan and the golem become a family neither had.  Love overcomes even the worst obstacles.

For Punching the Air:

  • Amal writes poetry but he never expected to do it as a kid from jail.

Give it a try with your students!

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