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Einstein: The Fantastic Journey of a Mouse through Space and Time

 This is one of the oddest, most charming books I've read in a while!  It works as a picture book, a book for young readers, and could even be used to introduce relativity to middle and high school students.

Einstein isn't coming out until September 7th,  but if you like Torben Kuhlmann's mouse adventures, you'll want to put this one on your list.

Let's start with the gorgeous illustrations.  Oh, my word!  Kuhlmann illustrates in a style that reminds me of Brian Selznick (The Inventions of Hugo Cabret, Wonderstruck, and The Marvels).

Einstein is the story of a mouse who has been looking forward to a Cheese Festival for a long time.  He keeps track of the days on his calendar so he won't miss it.  But he does, by one day.  How did that happen?

With the help of a mouse clockmaker, he tries to go back to the previous day but ends up 80 years off!  There, he meets the real Einstein and giving him riddles to solve, figures out how to come back to the present.

  • I really liked that the book walked you through how the mouse came up with (his) solution.
  • I loved the illustrations - this is a gorgeous picture book to read to younger children as an adventure story (with some paraphrasing)
  • I enjoyed the science content and the explanations at the back of the book (some of which went over my head!)

Four stars for this book, because the pictures are a good fit for a younger audience, but the content is more appropriate for an older one.

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