3 reasons to delight your students with this giraffe coloring page

You're almost there!  If you're looking to keep students engaged in a fun activity that keeps them learning, look no further.

Spelling and coloring product with a picture of a giraffe
"One of my favorite things in your class was writting Fridays."  

We could talk all day about the reasons why spelling is getting looser and what teachers should do if we even can, anymore.

But in the meantime, I've created this coloring page with a wonderful giraffe drawn by Utah Roots, and 55 commonly misspelled words for 5th and 6th graders.  Each word comes with a sentence and three choices for spelling.  The words are color-coded, as is the picture, so if students are wrong, their pictures won't look like the real thing!

3 reasons to do this?

  1. Students practice and review spelling words
  2. It's basically self-correcting
  3. Your students will thank you that they get to color
It's a WIN-WIN!  
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