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Bulletin boards that will give you fresh ideas for your classroom

 Some teachers are amazing at classroom decor!  I learned that when I spent some time helping a friend set up her Kindergarten room.  Everything - and I mean everything - was color coordinated!  

I come from more of the "just generally make it colorful" school of thought.

That being said, I do love a good bulletin board.  A good one makes you smile, doesn't it?

I had this one outside my door for two years.  I loved that it tagged kids in so many different ways.  
photo of a classroom entrance with "When you Enter this Room, you are..."

Here's another one that I like.  It's honest and reminds kids that it doesn't always take a lot of effort to be a good student.

I saw one like this in my friend's school when I was helping her.  It's an idea that's been around for a few years, but I'd only ever seen it in pictures.  I really liked it!

Here's a simple one with a powerful message.

I love the interactive nature of this one!  You know it'll be filled with good stuff!  #firstday #firstweek #firstmonth?  There are lots of possibilities!

This one is good if you're learning the specific language of kindness the "bucket" way. It comes from the picture book,  Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud.

I tried this in my room, wanting the kids to put thumbtacks attached to yarn with the location of their books.  But not all books have locations.  So we stopped that.  By itself, it's still a good idea!  Kids were often coming back to look at the map and figure out where places were.

Love the colors and the message.  If you're a decorator, have at it!  Usually, by the time I work on bulletin boards, it's the end of my day.  Note to Self: try it first thing instead!  This one looks like a lot of work, but I do like it a lot.

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