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3 online games (with links) that get your students learning and laughing

 "Argh!  They froze us!  Grab double points when we get back on!"  

"Wait, what's the difference between 'too' and 'to'?"  

Gaming apps for upper elementary students
This year many teachers are looking to engage kids in the classroom with paper and pencils.  I get it!  Last year was filled with digital learning.  It was A. LOT.

But, let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater.  There are some good online tools that get kids talking, laughing, and most importantly, learning from each other.

Here are the top three apps we used in my classroom and links to games you can click on and use today if you want!


Gimkit quickly became my students' first choice for review games.  They even created some of their own games for us to learn from.

Set up is easy.  Kids are randomly assigned to teams by Gimkit, so there are rare complaints because the kids know it's fair.  In addition to working together to score points, students can also: "invest" the money they earn (instead of points, they earn dollars) to freeze out their opponents, multiply the value of the money they earn, take out insurance on their cache.

The game is fast-paced and kids in groups have to help each other out if they want to score well.

Check out these games!


Another fun way to get kids reviewing lessons, you can use or make quizzes for almost any topic.  I found it a great way to review material we'd learned or for further practice.  Kids work independently and you can use the reports to help you know who needs additional support.


This is probably the online game more teachers are familiar with and it's popular with kids, too.  There are lots of ways to use it: as a bell-ringer activity, to see what your students know before you teach a concept, for review, or as a quick assessment at the end of a lesson.

Check these out!

These are just some of the apps my students enjoyed.  I hope you find them helpful, too!
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