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A series that your middle grade students won't want to put down

A bit of Inkheart with a touch of Harry Potter?  I'm in, ready to keep reading and many of your students will be, too!

I was sucked in from the first moment I started reading this book.  Everett and his younger sister, Bea, go off in search of their father who has gone missing after a train crash and is presumed dead.  Bea is pretty sure he's not and Everett is willing to believe her.  Their father is their only living parent if he still is alive.  A minister and also a comic book writer, he chronicles the adventures of Max the Courageous, Everett's favorite comic book hero.

Sometime after, a stranger gives them a briefcase of their father's containing a pen and a bottle of ink.  That leads them on a trail of adventures through England and Scotland.  Sometimes in tunnels underneath.  They discover that the ink has magical qualities, and can draw them in and out of circumstances.  They meet helpful Inklings and evil Blotters and learn about Inkcasement.  (I loved J.D. Peabody's play on words!)

Everett feels like his younger sister is more talented than he is, and he finds himself envious of her. He believes she has some magical qualities like some of the Inklings.  It is fun to watch him grow as he learns that everyone has gifts, all necessary and important, although different from each other.

I was impressed with this debut novel and think students in middle grades will jump all over this series!  It had elements of Inkheart and Harry Potter for me, and I think it'll keep kids turning the pages until the end.

Pre-order this book.  Your students will thank you for it!

A similar review was posted on Goodreads.  The Inkwell Chronicles will be published on September 13, 2022.

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