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Double win! Calmer transitions and skills review with bell ringers

Your students know to come into your classroom and take their seats.  They know to get out their materials, too.  But they've come in from the halls, and so they're talking - some more loudly than others - and you need to get them focused. Again.  This is a daily ritual.

Two girls working together on an activity

Bell ringers, Do Nows, Warm-ups, Morning Work, Brain Activators, they go by a lot of different names.  No matter what you call them, they can be game changers for settling your classroom in.  If you have several different groups of students you see every day, you know what transitions feel like.

Especially after lunch.  Right?!

Let's look at the pros

  • Calm the chaos
  • Activate students' brains
  • Quickly assess levels of understanding
  • Take 5 - 10 minutes
  • Guide classroom discussions
  • Use as a review or a foundation
  • Establish a daily, calming routine
  • Allows you to take attendance, answer questions, and take care of student needs

What are the cons?

  • Take 5 - 10 minutes

Honestly, that's about it.  But if the trade-off is a calmer class, ready to engage in learning, then the time is totally worth it.  Even if you only have 45-50 minutes for class.

Let's take a look at what I have to help with ELA!  Right now, it's one marking period of a variety of Bell Ringers that's perfect for students in 5th - 7th grades.  All of the activities are based on Language, Reading, and Writing standards for those grades.    

          Person's hand with pencil working on bell ringer activity

Here's what you get each week:

Day 1:

A passage from a grade-appropriate book

Words in context

Day 2:

Informational Reading passage

Text structure

Day 3:

Writing prompt - narrative and argumentative

Day 4:


Genre with a passage from a book

Day 5:

Figurative language

Word puzzles and games

Not sure if they'd work for your students?  


Like what you see?  This is the full-year bundle with 4 semesters of 9 weeks each, for a total of 36 weeks and 180 days of lessons!

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