Would you like your December ELA plans created for you?

We're entering the busiest time of the year in most classrooms.  Door decorating, holiday concerts, special events, you name it!  The excitement and energy just rise to amazing levels this month, don't they?

Could you use a little help with some ELA lesson planning?  Would you like to gift your partner teacher(s) some time away from figuring out how to keep kids contained during this busy month?

 I've got you covered!

If you click on the link here you'll get access to a December bundle at a great price that isn't available anywhere else.  

It's got:

  • Winter coloring grammar review
  • reading fluency
  • Project-based learning - share this one with the person who teaches math (even if that's you!)
  • poetry
  • fun creative writing
  • Christmas trees passage and questions

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